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Display a summary of changes on deployment page


It would be great to see what the commit notes or associated stories of a package are when deploying it, specifically in comparison with the currently deployed package of that environment.


My personal experience comes exclusively from deploying apps to the SAP Cloud, so I am not sure how different this is on the Mendix Cloud or Private Cloud, but this is something that has frustrated us to the point, that we built an entire app to help us with this topic. But I feel like this is something that could be integrated in the dev portal. 


My proposed solution would be something along these lines:


On the intial delpoyment page (where you see running version and which version will be deployed), show a list of “changes”.


These “changes” could be initially hidden in a dropdown, which can be opened to show a delta list of commit notes (so only show the notes from commits that occurred between the running and to-be-deployed version). You could also list the stories (with links) that are related to those commits. This should work when deploying newer or older version (also in the case of a rollback). This would make it much easier to create release notes, and provide more transparency in the deployment process.


This idea/topic originally stems for a focus group brainstorming session of the Customer Connect even in Rotterdam (2022-10-20).

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