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Reset highest version of deployment package tag number


When you create a new deployment package, you have to set a version number. 
Automatically the highest tag number used previously is set as the default/suggested version number. 
But if you accidently select the wrong (higher) number once, this will always be the default number (e.g. current version is 2.1.0 and you set 2.3.0 in stead of 2.1.1, every new package will have as default 2.3.0). 
This means if you didn't note the current version you would have to go back, note the current version and create the package from scratch again.


What would be better is to do one/more of the following:

  1. in the screen where you set the version number, show the current version of the different environments (this way you can set the number that you would like based on the current number instead of the laste highest tag)
  2. always use the current number as the default in stead of the highest number
  3. enable the user to “reset” the highest tag so that it uses the current version instead of the highest previous number

I personally think doing both options 1 and 2 would be the best.

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