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Commit & Auto-deploy to t/a/p


i have to do a lot of times repeating steps after committing, like deploying to test so that the tester can proceed.

the current process of committing, going to the mxcloud, making the mda, transporting, stopping, restarting env could be automised. i simply want to let mendix this do for me and notify when the env is upgraded with this feature, meanwhile i have 15-30 mins deployment time saved * 200 deployments per year….


auto deploy could als be a scheduling by a specific time to an env. most of the time we choose a specific time to deploy an mda and restart. this step could be also be scheduled and automated. the manual deployments could be still done unplanned...etc.

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As indeed it can.  After committing my changes, I hit Shift+F5 from Studio Pro, select the revision and auto-deploy! Building, transporting and stopping/starting will take about 10 minutes, depending on the size of your project of course, and will commence automatically.

If you refer to Studio Deployment Settings | Mendix Documentation you can find the neccessary steps to auto-deploy from Studio Pro to the desired environment.

Good luck!