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Enabling Key vault reader for certificate renewal


As certificates are configured on an application level, when a certificate expires, today you need to update the certificate on every application that is using that certificate.


We are using azure key vault to upload our certificates, so it would be great feature that Mendix could enable a key vault reader to detect certificate updates. This way we only need to update the certificate in the key vault and all mendix applications using that certificate would be automatically updated with the new certificate.


Less risk & maintenance.



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Might impact different environments of the same app. Unless there exist in-depth key auto detection and auto renewal of custom domain between app to environment.


Great idea


I’m curious how other companies/teams deal with this certification renewal task? 


Having the certification auto renew on its own would be a big benefit to a lot of teams.


Being able to interface with Azure Key Vault in this way would be huge. Please look into this!


Auto certificate renewal is a critical feature…. Please enable it ASAP


It eliminates manual intervention.


Also, provides cost savings w.r.t man hours needed to manage our 100’s of environemnts.