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Change Authenticator to Google Authenticator label


I am not sure if this is a common problem, but it takes me time to figure out which authenticator it is talking about when I try to deploy my application to production, It would be great if we could avoid ambiguity and specify which authenticator I will receive the code, my idea is change "Authenticator" for "Google Authenticator" to avoid ambiguity. 


The label is when you access your application through the Mendix Developer Portal > Environments and try to see the details of your production environment I attach a file as an example.


Screenshot 2024-03-11 115414.png

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I understand, thank you for your time!


Hi Jose,


Thank you for this this idea. The reason that the label is generic is because you can choose which Authenticator you want to use: So which authenticator app to use depends on what you have configured.


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