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Extend Mendix API with backup and restore option


We want to implement a complete CI/CD process. To be able to make this work, Mendix has published de Deploy API. Everything can be scripted and packages, model data and runtime data can be set up with the revision to be deployed. However, before going to production or another environment, we want to be able to create a backup before deploying the new version. When something goes wrong we can restore the backup created just before the deployment.

The API lacks operations to create backups and restore created backups. Please add this functionality to complete the CI/CD process.

Maybe option during deployment process itself? -> Checkbox: Create a backup after stopping the environment?


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And even better news, this idea has been implemented. Both "create backup" and "restore backup" are available through the Deploy API. These API endpoints are available for Mendix Cloud V4 only, and will not be implemented for Cloud V3.

See https://docs.mendix.com/apidocs-mxsdk/apidocs/deploy-api#3-17-create-a-backup-of-an-environment-mendix-cloud-v4-only



Great news, this is currently planned!


Highly approve of this idea.


Exactly what we need as well. Might also be nice to have a force stop option.