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Enable multiple SAP Accounts for one Mendix Account



Currently the Mendix Account has a 1:1 relation with an SCP Account, which is great when you are working with 1 SCP account and you don't have to re-enter your credentials for SCP each time you start with a new app. However, when your company has multiple SCP Accounts this is not a workable solution, as you have to ask Mendix to remove the SCP token from your account (you can't do this yourself) each time you want to switch to another SCP Account. Although many companies will have only 1 SCP Account it would be very nice to at least have the possibility to choose which SCP Account to be used when starting a new app. In case only 1 SAP is linked no popup should be shown when creating an app, leaving the user-experience as it is today. But when multiple SCP Accounts have been linked a popup should be shown enabling the developer to select the SCP account to be used to that specific app.






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