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Enable/disable scheduled events while running


When you accidentally forget to enable a scheduled event or temporarily want to disable a scheduled event, you now have to restart the environment. As this results into downtime and lost session data, it would be nice if scheduled events could be enabled and disabled while the environment is running.

Similar to the network access restriction a button “Apply now” would be awesome:


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I’ve found that using a configuration in the system works well for this.

For example having an object called for example ‘SystemConfigurations’ where an attribute ‘<scheduled_event_name>switch’ (boolean) exists.

Then from the front end this can be changed via configuration screen.

Then even though the scheduled event runs, a single retrieve and a decision lines between the start and the main process.

The clear down side to this is obviously the fact that a retrieve must take place every time the scheduled event runs, but this may only present a problem for scheduled events that run every minute or second.