Log file retrieve from API

Hi, I tried to retrieve the log with the API Deploy. I followed the documentation I had an answer. When I try to access the answer provided in the json (example such as below), I have the answer “All Done” but I cannot see the file. Any idea? DownloadUrl": "https://boobafina.test.mendix.com/v1/logs/38471410-861f-47e5-8efc-2f4b16f04005?endDate=2018-09-09&expire=20180810153345&startDate=2018-08-10&signature=893DC8D3EAB0372FF49DB0E2D6973C701D32B567B67E97A41FD9E53E4D957991F80E3AC83B29452AF205FC306C51EAE8D81BA19F82147E5147B72EE15A8AC11FD3BE0306C3SDADAF478CCC9B98B9CBE70F99C99EDFB4DC77020F44FE540847FBABED34ACE856878F908EB38AC35D03125E7EFC9AE5CC2A67B871FA36C9F48A022BC7905838DE67046B5E57E82C0FBDCDFF67456DD66A2C2B4642B7B34C2829730257818B53113B620057777496EBA6D823EAA58378357A7F6ADA4956B6D86C100D61C8AD3483961A2C5EBEFF35A27BDE230478186F9F4ABC6207684781F"
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To check the API request and response in details, go to log node “Rest Consume” and change it to “Trace Level”. After this you will see each request and response in details, i.e. URL, request body and response body. Please note that certain headers will be omitted.