Hi, I have an app deployed in the free Mendix cloud. The problem is that parts of it won’t work because of SSL handshake failure on Restful calls. Locally I fixed this by adding the remote server’s certificate via Project Explorer > Settings, under tab Certificates. How can I add the same certificate to the deployment of my app in the Mendix free cloud? Is it even possible?
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1.1 Incoming Connections

To connect to your Mendix Cloud application from the internet, Mendix provides a .mendixcloud.com or .mxapps.io domain. The certificate for this is managed by Mendix. If you want to set up your own domain name for a licensed app, you can configure custom domains. This is not available for Free Apps.

In addition, you can restrict incoming traffic by requiring client certificates signed by a Certificate Authority of your choice. For more details on how to set this up, see How to Restrict Access for Incoming Requests.

1.2 Outgoing Connections

You may need to use certificates to set up connections from your Mendix Cloud application to third-parties that require SSL/TLS. There are two possible scenarios for this:

  • A third-party may require authentication via certificates (client certificates)
  • A third-party may use a certificate that is signed by their own authority (certificate authorities)