AWS Server Requirements

Hello, I need to estimate cost to deploy and run Mendix built ERP type web application to AWS. This is my first Mendix app and first deployment (outside of Mendix free cloud version). Below is the basic information for usage of my app. Can someone suggest best architecture for AWS? I am getting confused on what exactly I need since I have never worked with a container based app. ~ 800 total user Need custom domain name Need SSL/TLS and reverse proxy (web application firewall) capability Need X.509 certificate authentication enabled Need large database and storage since there will be large amount of data with lots of document generation and storing of those documents   I have had experience with traditional deployment where I need separate web server, separate application server, and separate database server. I know this is not the case for Mendix but what I am confused on is whether if I still need multiple AWS EC2 instances for each functionality (such as web server, Mendix Runtime, RDMS) or one big AWS EC2 instance is all I need? Any suggestions or documentation would be much appreciated!  
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