Mendix Studio Pro 8.10 permits deployment (at least Run Locally) when Buttons are not associated with Events

The fact that the Buttons are not associated with Events as reported as Warnings; not Errors. Is this a bug or a feature? Does it permit that in Production?  
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Hi Jai,

The fact that you do not assign an action to a button is seen as a choice by the Mendix Studio, and therefore shown as a warning. You can (and I'm happy) actually deploy an application to production having no associated event bound to a button. I think it's a feature.

Hopefully this helps!



So do older versions, 7 and even 6:

The “feature” for this is having a placeholder for showing an icon:

So, you are correct in expecting this to be an error, but in Mendix it is probably seen as a feature.

And yes, this will do no harm to your application when running in production.