Remove Mendix login.html page from project?

With our responsive multi-tenant app project deployed to the Mendix Cloud, navigating to the app URL sends users to a custom login page set up for anonymous users, as desired. However, in some situations after a local client shutdown or loss of network connectivity, page reload sends users to [url]/login.html and displays the Mendix default login page with the Mendix logo and without the options and information we’ve put on our custom login page. Is there a way to completely remove the default login page from the project, and either avoid the /login.html redirect on reload, or point that toward our custom login page? Thanks.
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Hi Colin, 

I believe this may be achieved by doing the following 3 things:

  1. Set the sign-in page in your navigation to your custom login page (if you haven't already done that)
  2. Remove login.html from your theme directory
  3. Change the following code in index.html in your theme directory:
document.cookie = "originURI=/login.html";


document.cookie = "originURI=/index.html";

I hope this helps!