Deploy a (non licensed) app in the cloud for testing

Dear all, I'm trying to deploy (run) an app to the cloud, so my colleagues can do some testing. However, when I want to log in with the administrator account, I get the error that name and/or password are incorrect. However, I did change the Admin password to the required of a length of 6, digit, lowercase and symbols. Anyone that can help, would be great! Thank you in advance.   Gijs van der Linden
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In Sandbox, the MxAdmin account does not work.

When you reset the password of MxAdmin in your local modeler, you are only changing the password in your local build not in Cloud. Using MxAdmin is only possible in Paid cloud version.

However, what you can do is, add a Microflow which creates Admin user in your application and link this Microflow to ASU. 

This will make sure that you will have a user to login when you start your application. Make sure you skip creation of user if one exist, otherwise, the second time you run your application in Sandbox, it will fail.