Release a signed native apk without building twice.

My current process for releasing my native app requires a double build activity: First: native_builder.exe build …….parameters-and-parametervalues…. Then: then go to the appcenter, take the keystore having signed certificates, add that to the new build and save and build the new build again. Can I somehow make it build that apk only once? See, paragraph 5.1, where Mendix explicitly mentions the problem that causes my need for a double build: btw. Mendix version 8.11.0
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Indeed this is a limitation due to the AppCenter APIs. A future version of the native builder tool will address this.

In the meantime, you can follow this process (which the note above infers but doesn’t explain):

  • Choose a build number, and create a build with it
  • Sign that build in AppCenter and allow it to rebuild
  • Use the same build number for every subsequent build, and keep track of new versions with the version number parameter instead


As long you use the same build number, AppCenter will continue to use the signing settings you’ve configured.