How to deploy and build packages for Mendix applications using Docker

  As of now, we are deploying our apps through Mendix but, now there came a need for deploying the Mendix app through docker. Is there any way of doing that comment your own way of deploying.   thanks in advance. Sairam  
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There are two paths available:

  1. Mendix for Private Cloud – the standard Mendix product for running apps in your private cloud via Kubernetes. The product offers integration into the Mendix Cloud portal, so you can provision and deploy into your cluster without needing to write your own CI/CD pipeline 
  2. Mendix Docker Buildpack is also available and supported by Mendix. If you’re looking for a docker image to run your app because you’re not using Kubernetes or want to design your own custom build and deployment pipeline, this may be a good option for you.