Error running download_runtime

I’m trying to follow the example at ‘’ to run my Mendix app on Azure. In the step asking to execute ‘download_runtime’ I get: m2ee(MxAdmin): download_runtime INFO: Going to download to /srv/app/runtimes curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 403 Forbidden ERROR: Failed to download, errno: 0x14 I’m guessing the document is not up to date.  It would seem the ‘download_runtime’ is trying to go to http instead of https.  If I run ‘’ in an Edge browser it fails, but if I replace http with https it works.  So how to I fix the URL that ‘download_runtime’ is trying to use?
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Hi Geoff Belair,

Could you please modify the m2ee.yaml at ‘download_runtime_url’ should be https?