How to upgrade App and keep exsiting data.

Dear, I have a question:     After Mendix app is deployed in production envirment,  and customer has used App to fill and store many data in databse. At next release, We need to deploy again but use the old database,  in new release, we make some entity changes.  Such as property name change, entity name change. In my understanding,  Mendix runtime will regenerate some changed table. My confusion is:   How to avoid data lost?   What we need to pay attention.     Or what is the best practice to deploy app in production and upgrade.  
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You can rename attributes etc. and the Mendix model will change your database accordingly. The only things you have to watch out for is changing the type. Changing an string to date time will offcourse loose your data. But my guess is that you would have very lousy developers if they are doing that. Same is true for deleting references or attributes etc. When you delete those in your model they will also be gone in the database. Adding attributes, entities and references are never a problem.

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