HTTPHeader from IIS

We have an on-premises setup with IIS acting as reverse proxy with inbound rule to point to localhost:8080 where Mendix is running/listening. I followed this guide to set everything up. I also have enabled SSL and Client Cert required to force users to provider client certificate. I need to pass CERT_SUBJECT server variable to Mendix runtime via HTTPHeader from IIS. But for some reason nothing is being passed/shown in Mendix except for X-Forwarded-For with source IP and port. I have tried enabling various types of server variables and headers by following same guide and rule as HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO, but nothing is working. I am not if IIS is not passing this information or if Mendix not receiving/ignoring this information.    The only way I was able to tell that X-Forwarded-For is the only header being sent/seen is by enabling trace log levels (for core and connector I believe). If there‚Äôs another way to get the headers from client/IIS in Mendix, Please point me in the right direction. Thanks!
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