User management with Administration module in App Store modules in Mendix Project

Hi Guys, Currently, I am working on web app in mendix and I am using Administration module available in App Store in mendix project for user management. Everything was working fine (able to logging and logout with registered users ) till the time I was testing the app as free app in mendix cloud. But,  later I moved the app to licenced environment and deployed the package to acceptance environment. When I try to run app from acceptance environment, It's not allowing the same users to login and I am getting below message in log –  9:22:29 AMAPPWARNINGCore: Login FAILED: unknown user ''.   I know that there is module name Mendix SSO for user management but I have already implemented the user management functionality in app itself with Administration module from App Store modules in project and wanted to use the same in acceptance environment. So, anyone has any idea how to achieve the above mentioned thing in licenced environment ? Any kind of help would be much appreciated.          
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Hello Vivek,

You have to add the users into the system. 

First login as Administration and check for the available users.