How can I use GPS Function?

I'm trying to put the gps on the map to see my location in real time, but it doesn't tell me how to set up and use gps. I've seen the "fitness tracking app" lecture by Mendix, but it doesn't come out on gps. Could you tell me if you know how or if you know the lecture? and additionally I want to know about GPS nano or micro flow. please help me ;(
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Hi Youna

The standard Maps widget has a property Show positions You could build something like this.

To know the current location in a Nanoflow you could use nano flow commons form the app store, which contains an action named GetCurrentLocation

In a Microflow you can not get user location, as it run on the server. If you need an estimate or guess you could get the IP address and do a lookup. Or let the action or widget set the accurate position before you make a request to the server to you microflow

Cheers, Andries