Deeplink is not calling the microflow as guest. It is redirecting to default navigation

I am trying to navigate to a microflow as anonymous user. When I create the deep-link I have activated the allow guest option and gave access for the module and the microflow for the anonymous role and linked the role with main module. But When I tried to use the deep-link its not going to that microflow and in console I am getting this log message(No session found for deeplink: /link/test12/, attempting to serve link as guest). After that nothing and I was redirected to the default navigation.  
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Make sure that in the user specific home page you setup the correct microflow for handling the requests coming in from the deeplink. See the documentation:

Handling DeepLink Requests
After handling a request the DeepLink module will redirect to the homepage of your application. The homepage is configured in the navigation.

Instead of opening the default homepage the DeepLink module needs to figure out what microflow is associated with the requested deep link. For this you need to change the default homepage in your navigation to a custom microflow.

If default homepage is already a microflow, you should modify it.

The first activity in this custom microflow has to be a Call microflow activity which calls Deeplink.DeeplinkHome. This microflow returns a boolean value which indicates if the deeplink module will start triggering a microflow. Add an exclusive split which handles the result of Deeplink.DeeplinkHome.

When the result of Deeplink.DeeplinkHome is true the custom microflow should end. The DeepLink module will take of calling the correct microflow.

When the result is false the microflow should continue with an Open Page activity which opens the page or microflow which is your default home page.(The original intended behavior).