Move nanoflows to folder, or create nanoflows in a folder, use modelSDK

Hi everyone, I’ve a folder:[MyFirstModule/C_Numeric/ClientParts/SubNanoflows], which I want to store my nanoflows (SubNanoflow1,SubNanoflow2......SubNanoflow100). These nanoflows are created by modelSDK. Use modelSDK, How to move these nanoflows to the folder ? OR how to create nanoflow in the folder ? Appreciate your help!.
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Mendix Support Engineer @Saurabh Hirve helped me.

It is possible to create documents in the right folder by passing the folder to the createIn method of the document type, e.g.:

const folder = model.allFolders().find(f => === "TargetFolderName");
const nanoflow = microflows.Nanoflow.createIn(folder);

It  works well in my project.