Mendix version downgrade

Hi, all. We are testing the 8.13 version but the project is converted to this version. We find ‘export mapping’ in this version is a bit slower then 8.7. How can we revert the project back to 8.7?
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In the installation folder of your modeler, you can find a folder called “modeler”. Inside of this flder, there is a program called MprTool.exe
You can use it to view and change the meta information in a model package. It can be used to change the version. But you need to be carefull with that. A downgrade can work, but it can also fail. I have used it once and it worked. i downgraded between two Mendix 6 versions.

Create a backup and try on your own.


That should be possible by doing a reverse merge (

together with restoring a backup of your data of before the upgrade.