How to increase upload speed for Mendix cloud?

We have built a simple application uploading big files (up to 300 MB) to Mendix with the standard upload control. When testing we see that the upload speed is limited to 50 Mbps. Is there a way to increase this limit?   We now use Azure blob storage as storage layer, but the limit does not seems to be dependent on the storage layer. 
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Hi Simon,

Even if you are using Azure blob storage, you will upload your data trough the Mendix runtime. If forwards the data. Which might be limited in capacity or bandwidth. 

For one of our customers we build a direct upload to Amazon s3 with a signed URL, or other upload services such as Signiant and Aspera. (for >10GB uploads)

Azure has a Delegated access 

What kind of content do you store? Large files for distribution in the Mendix platform is not ideal.  For example video should be handled with a video services for best user experience.






Hi Andries,


Thanks for your idea. We are uploading revit files, so not something to display in the Mendix platform, but later on used in another application. So your workaround should work for us as well. Maybe that will improve upload speed from China as well, because currently they only reach 0.73 Mbps!

However, it would be great if Mendix would be clear about the values that we could expect.