Upload Package using Deploy API

Hi all,  I use Deploy API to upload a MDA Package using Postman. my CURL command looks like this: curl -v -F "C:/Users/ow0bke/out.mda" -X POST -H "Mendix-Username: xxxxxxxxx.xxxx@siemens.com" -H "Mendix-ApiKey: xxxxxxxx-f8ee-426d-93cf-4a29xxxxxx" "https://deploy.mendix.com/api/1/apps/improdash/packages/upload" Postman gives a 500 HTTP status:   If I upload the package graphically, it works correctly and fine. Can someone help me ? Thanks in advance  
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Hi Guys,

I recognized the problem and solved it. The problem was in form-data (under Body section). The file variable was text and I changed it to file and it just worked.


Many Thanks :)