Hosting the website

I am not sure if I am missing something but I can’t seem to find a documentation on how to host the website on mendix. Once I am done with my app where do I host the website? Right now it’s shown in this link But obviously this is not what I want when I release my app as this is just a sandbox.    Do I need a payed account? Is it possible to get the html code of my app from mendix?
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Dear Amudghan,

You can run it locally on your machine, without a license it will only run 4 hours, and is limited to 5 users.

Sandbox is free, no limit in the users, but has limited resource. 

You could run it on you own server This requires a license.

You could build mobile offline app though it requires a backend for syncing data. 

Your HTML is part of the deployment package. but you can run it standalone it always requires a server.

Cheers, Andries