Docker run log

Hello people,   We are trying to deploy one of our mendix apps to Azure Kubernetes Service and in the process we tried to run the docker image of our app that we have created using docker, the docker run command goes as follows –  docker run -it \ -e ADMIN_PASSWORD=Password1! \ -e DATABASE_ENDPOINT=postgres://username:password@host:port/mendix \ mendix/mendix-buildpack:v1.2 we have used our credentials and hostname there, actually we are new to this and when we use this run command from cli at some point we are getting some errors that I believe is from the buildpack that we are using for the image build, the console log is as follows:   In yellow – the errors that we are getting and n red we have our db hostname. We are trying to understand the logs but as we are new to this everything seems to be going above the head and at the last steps where we can see the heartbeat numbers does the process is meant to end there or will it g any further because the cli seems to stay at the this same step for a long time. Can anyone please take there precious time and explain what are all these logs about and please suggest the next step that we have to go with.     Thanks in advance, Regards, Abhijeet Dhali.
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