Deploy API Integration

Hi Makers, Can anyone educate how to get APP ID to follow Deploy API documentation? Request Parameter AppId (String): Subdomain name of an app.   For now, we downcase of all characters in AppName to get that AppId but we are not so sure if that is the right way. (e.g Sample App → sample app) But the above-mentioned step isn’t working for all applications (For Ex: Sample-ApplicationNew is taken as sample-applicationnew). While trying this example it returns an error as 404-APP_NOT_FOUND. Note: Tried App ID in (Settings→ General ->APP ID). It returns the same error. Thanks in advance.
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First, I would take a look at this AppStore module to see if they implement all API's.


If that doesn't answer your question, I would implement the complete workflow:

  1. Implement GET Apps request
  2. Get the AppId field from the response
  3. Use the AppId field in subsequent requests


As you can see in the example response, an app has a Name field which is different from the AppId field.

    "Name": "Calculation App",
    "Url": "",
    "ProjectId": "fae5de74-69c2-4488-a4de-abf89daac63e",
    "AppId": "calc"
    "Name": "Tic Tac Toc",
    "Url": "",
    "ProjectId": "f5129445-b638-42f4-8108-5f370c85dc57",
    "AppId": "tictactoc"