Partial page refresh

Hi everyone. I have a main page , It has 3 parts: search, detail, edit. 1,Open the main page, it only show part1: search page. 2,Search button down, show part2: detail page. 3,Show button down, show part3: edit page.     I have tried Listen to Widget, iframe. These are always show… How can I do?
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You have a couple of options to create this, but for sure using condintional visibility on the detail & edit page section is necessary.

You can use helper booleans to determine if the search is being done. If so show the detail page with conditional visibility.
Instead of helper booleans you could also set an association with the searched objects, if this assocation is not empty you can show the detail page.

Hope this helps.


Showing search fields and and edit fields in one page will be difficult, i don't think you can in Mendix. I also think the navigation of this would be a bit awkward to the user: what if you are in the middle of making changes in the edit-part and then decide to do a new search? What will you do with the uncommitted changes?

In my experience it really pays out in Mendix to stick with a pattern like this:

  1. user enters a read only overview page containing for example a data grid with search features.
  2. user selects an item and clicks edit (or view). A pop-up or full page opens to view or edit the details.


I hope this helps.