AccessDenied issue after updating to Mendix 8.15.0

After updating to Mendix 8.15.0 (and doing a corresponding update for the docker-buildpack), I get a strange issue when running in docker, which appears to be related to client certificates:   INFO - Configuration: Updating configuration... INFO - Services: Adding 1 authority certificate(s) INFO - Core: Added 1 authority certificate(s). INFO: Backing off _await_runtime_config(...) for 1.8s (False) WARNING - Jetty: handleException {} {} - / - java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: keystore     I am unable to figure out what is wrong – increasing log levels to debug gives no further information and I see nothing in the Mendix release notes, nor the release history of docker_buildpack/cf_buildpack to suggest any changes related to client certificates / keystores.   Anyone else come across this issue?  
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I was experiencing the same issue in 8.15.1.

I filled a ticket, here is the response:

“We have identified this issue and a fix will be released in Mendix 8.15.2.
You can expect the 8.15.2 to be released beginning of next week. 

In the meantime, the deployment will work when disabling the authority and client certificates. “