Upgrade from Cloud V3 to Cloud V4 - database archive problem

I am upgrading an app from Cloud V3 to Cloud V4 and have hit a roadblock when trying to upload a database archive from V3 to V4.  The upload never completes.  The database archive (db and files in one archive) is about 51GB, so it is big.  I have (so far) waited 14 hours to see if the archive would upload.  I have an open ticket with Mendix support, but thought I would see if anyone else has encountered this.  This app is in the Mendix cloud. Any input appreciated!
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IMHO these kind of large transfers of backups should be done on the Mendix end. I have created some support tickets for this. I am also in the process of migrating some environments and some are in the 100GB plus size. That is undoable to download and upload again.

And indeed I also have an example where the restore of a backup just fails in the V4 cloud. Mendix is looking in to this. So far the migration of the environments I am doing has not been a smooth process.





Hi Mike, AFAIK uploads are supported to 200GB. Maybe connect your pc to wired connection?