Build Native App using Mendix native builder

I have created a native mobile app using mendix v 8.17.0.  I am in the process of generating an apk for my application so that I can run it on my phone. we have an on-premise mendix runtime and I want to deploy my application on it.  I am following the Mendix documentation ( that gives instructions to do so.  I have followed the steps exactly how the document states, except the app signing bit as I don’t want to deploy it on app stores for now. The native builder generates the apk succesfully but when I install the app and run it on my phone, the app does not crash but it stays on a mendix page and after a short while  it gives me a connection error and asks to contact the system administrator for it. I have confgured the mendix runtime using service console and am hoping to deploy my app on it. I am attaching relevant screenshots. Please tell where I am going wrong here.  
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Certain that Listen address has to be local. Have you tried Public? Also, can you check the local log on the mobile. You can do this using adb.