Deploy Mendix app on Deocker

Hi I’m a Siemens employee. Quick question. I’d like to deploy the app on docker container with a Demo License.  I’m using the link in order to request a Demo license, but during the wizard, it prompted to enter the Server ID for two environments. How to generate the Server ID? I’m planning to deploy the app on a Linux docker.   Cheers Andrea
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My knowledge on this topic is a bit rusty. But this should be it:


License activation is briefly documented at

For the activation you need 2 strings:

  1. LICENSE_ID is a random uuid
  2. LICENSE_KEY is a very long base64 encoded JSON generated by Mendix (Support)


The server ID you are referring to is the hash value of $LICENSE_ID ; I’m not sure if I’m allowed to disclose exactly how this Server ID is computed. The formula is actually very easy to derive. According to docs it’s better to raise a ticket with Mendix support so that they can generate both the LICENSE_ID and LICENSE_KEY for you.


An alternative (hardcore) way to get a hold of server id is:


The alternative method is all pure public knowledge.