Upstream prematurely closed error and then application restarts

Hi all,   we are experiencing an issue where out of the blue we get this upstream prematurely closed errors (about 200 times) after which the application reboots. We expect this sudden reboots to be the cause of losing objects in the database which are being committed at that moment. If I google for this error I find that this is a nginx error, which makes me assume that there is nothing we  can do to fix this from within the modeler. Does anoyone have an idea or a solution how to fix this and stop the application (production) from being rebooted at unexpected moments during the day.  
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Nginx is logging that error because the upstream, in this case your mendix runtime process, is dropping the request without closing the HTTP connection properly. There could be several reasons why this is happening. I advise you to take a look at the monitoring graphs. In particular the JVM threads, JVM heap and other memory metrics.

As suggested by Andrej probably best to reach out to Mendix Support because you are running in the Mendix Cloud (looks like it).