Mendix to Sap Cloud Platform Deployment -> Issues with SSO to CloudFoundry -> one account only. Really?

Hi all, I’m stuck, hope you can help. I’m trying to deploy a mendix application to the SCP. I’ve done it before so I know it works. The thing is, now I’m using a different mendix account with a different email adress and a different SAP account. Here the problems start. It looks like is the place to be to actual revoke the access of the SSO service from Mendix. When I try to do that using the following url!s280 (or the actual button), it gives an error: I need to do this because my original all-works-fine account is the only account which can be linked to the CF environment. So, when I try to create an environment using all the different addresses, it keeps throwing SSO errors. Even when I logged out everywhere and tried to uncheck the checkboxed without revoking (because that doesn’t work) So, the question is; is there another way or a “more strict”  way to revoke the initial acccount or to somehow reset it all? No, I’m not going to delete stuff :-)  Hope you can help! I do have to say that it really is a pain when only one account can be linked through SSO on SCP. Got three customers to work for :-( All the best! Laurens    
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