How to view Missing Constants when deploying with OpenShift/Kubernetes

I am familiar with Mendix VM deployment through m2ee app in a regular VM setup. Right after unpacking the application, m2ee will throw a warning related to missing constants or constants declared but not used in the project.  When I deploy my app using a containerized solution such as OpenShift or Kubernetes, I am not getting the warning with the missing constants. Instead I get an error the “constant X has not been declared”, If I fixed this constant, I deploy the app again and I’ll get an error with the following constant, but I never get full list of missing constants. Any ideas?
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The full list of constants can be retrieved from model/metadata.json after your project has been “compiled/built”.

So during the docker image building phase you can pull out that file and parse it.

Assuming you are using the official mendix docker buildpack you can add for instance 


RUN cat /opt/mendix/build/model/metadata.json



That will get you the full list of constants defined, including other metadata.