I want to deploy an app on my virtual private cloud but...

Hi, for one specific Mendix app, I would like to host it on my AWS VPC but… I want to keep the CICD of Mendix and not create another CICD I want to deploy some of my apps on Mendix Cloud and some on my VPC. I do not want to pay too much extra money to deploy on my VPC. What layer should I use? Openshift? What do you suggest?
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What the Mendix platform offers is not CICD. You can’t change the “pipelines” because they are not really pipelines.


If you truly need CICD, go with a platform like gitlab/github or any other real pipelining solution. From these pipelines you can deploy to either Mendix cloud ( https://docs.mendix.com/apidocs-mxsdk/apidocs/deploy-api )  or AWS (whatever you prefer here, EC2, ECS, fargate, openshift, etc) depending on your future plans.


If you lack the technical expertise to setup the infra, consider taking a look at https://www.mendix.com/evaluation-guide/app-capabilities/mendix-for-private-cloud/ .