Native Builder Android Build Fails

I'm having some troubles building native mobile Android apps in a specific project (Studio Pro v8.18.1, Native Builder v1.0.81). Everything worked fine a few days ago, but today the Android build fails as soon as setup is complete. If I click "Save android logs", I choose a folder to download them to, but nothing gets saved into that folder. I've tried reverting to the version of the project that worked on Friday, rebuilding the whole github repository, and building directly in the App Center. In each of these cases, I have the same problem. I have no issues compiling the project in Studio Pro or running the native app on devices that have an older APK installed. I don't have this issue on other projects on the same versions with the same configurations. Is there anything I should try next to fix this issue, or at least find more details about what the error actually is?
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Turns out App Center was having system issues. Everything is working fine now!