My app is broken on sandbox cloud but it works locally 8.18.1

      Logs from the cloud says it misses a file in the dojox folder. In my local, deployment folder, i don’t have a “dojox” folder but a “dojo” folder…  Not sure why the local folder is different from the cloud deployment folder and if it’s root cause of the problem…. 08:59:41APPERRORConnector: 404 - file not found for file: mxclientsystem/dojox/main.js 08:59:42APPERRORClient: scriptError: Error: scriptError: 08:59:42APPINFOat d ( 08:59:42APPINFOat HTMLScriptElement.<anonymous> ( 08:59:42APPERRORClient: Loading module failed! Check console log for more detailed debug information.  
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I was due to the “notification” widget that i was using on my homepage.

However, i’m still curious to understand why it was working locally and not on the cloud...