Mendix app in Docker

Hello all, I’ve built a simple Mendix application based on the SFS Starter app theme.   Based on this app, I have created a Docker image, with all the necessary configurations: strong password, PostgreSQL database, security enabled, etc. When I start the container locally(I have Docker installed on my Windows machine) I can successfully access the app. However, when I started it on a CentOS machine in AWS and I try to access it, I get redirected to the /SSO page and I get a 404 message saying the page is not found. Do you know why I don’t get the same behaviour on local, respectively remote machine? And also, how can I skip the SSO feature so I can access the app?  Currently is just a test application so I don’t need asvanced authentication and authorization features.   Thank you, Delia
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On further analysis, I noticed that I had some cookies locally that enabled me to access my app.

And the SFS Starter app theme has SAML enabled(which is not configured properly) and this is why I get the 404 message.


Does anybody knows how to disable the SAML feature in a Mendix app?

Thank you.