Settings for session time (out) per userrole

Hello,  In my app I would like to set up a different duration per userrole to kill their session(s). At the moment I created a scheduled task in which I receive all the sessions per userrole based on the amount of minutes from either ‘last activity’ or ‘created date’.  For example I want to kill the session of : an anonymous user after 1 hour of inactivity a service agent after 4 hours of inactivity a customer after 15 minutes of inactivity   Note that I want it after ‘inactivity’. In the session entity there is the attribute ‘last activity’ which updates when runtime setting: EnableKeepAlive = false. When this is set as ‘true’ it will constantly update the ‘last activity’ time, even when you are not clicking anything, just having the page openend. When putting EnableKeepAlive to false it will logout always 10 minutes after inactivity. I want to use the functionality of EnableKeepalive set to false, so it actually tracks inactivity and doesn’t update all the time. But I don’t want to have the hard ‘10 minutes’ kill session time. I want to put my scheduled task microflow to work to check per userrole how long it was since last activity to log them out/kill session. Are the 10 minutes changed by using the ‘SessionTimeout’ setting?   Mendix Docs
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