How can I activate production and deploy changes from Test?

Hi Team, I am developing application in mendix which is currently available in Test(qa) licensed node for testing and I need to move change into production. I am able to active mark for Test but not for Production as shown in below screenshot: So how can I deploy code in productin? Is there require any extra things to activate production?
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Hi, you should be able to do this by going to, then select your app (actually that’s where you made your screenshot)


Then you go to Deploy → Environments

Here you should be able to deploy to Test, Acceptance and in the end to Production. It is possible that you don’t have enough rights, but then you should contact the technical contact of the application (can be found at General Settings)

Oh I see the screenshot doesn’t fit..

Check this part:


Hi Samarth Jadav,

The steps explained by Jord ten Bulte is absoluetly correct and it is way how it is done. 
First check whehter you have the acces to moved the code to production from Acceptance.
Make sure you are awrae of the autthentication while moving package to  production environment. you might need to activate google authenticator (if it is not ) or you can have authentication via registered mobile number.