Free App Has No Backups Available For Download

Hello, I need to unlink my free app in its current environment but I need to download a backup first. There appears to be no backups on my app for some reason and I just committed its most recent changes. I need a backup in order to unlink so I can link it to a licensed node. Any idea why this may be or how to ensure I get a backup before unlinking its current environment?   
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I think there is a problem currently. Checked a couple of free apps myself and none have backups. It seems that opening the app is alos a problem because all I get is 404 Not Found: Requested route errors. File a support ticket. Mendix should fix this.





Hi Molly, greeting from future, After a year :)

 On your computer, there is a file of your own app in the mendix file in the documents, you can copy this file and store it in another place. After you're done with your changes of application, you can paste this backup file back in the same place and bring everything back!

I hope you solved that 1 year ago / it will help now!  :)

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