Mendix Native 8 to 9 Upgrade Deployment Structure Error

I was almost finished upgrading my Native App made with Mendix 8 to Mendix 9 but then I saw a deployment error on the MiN 9 App on the Smartphone. The Error says something like: “@react-native-community/art could not be found within the project.” and I couldn’t find it either, so I made a new blank native App to search for it and found it in the deployment folder. I tried to copy the node_modules and everything else missing into my Native App but obviously Mendix always creates a new deployment folder when deploying. This is how the folder “native/widgets” in the deployment structure should look like in Mendix 9 but when I deploy my original one made in Mendix 8 or below the deployment structure re-creates and everything except the “com” folder is gone.   My question is, is there a possibility to edit/upgrade the deployment structure in your Mendix App or is there a possibility to stop Mendix from always re-creating the deployment structure at deployment?   Thank you in advance!
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Not sure if you ever resolved this for yourself, but for anyone else that stumbles across this question, I was able to resolve a similar issue by copying over the files from the “widgets” folder of an app made in Mendix 9 and paste them in the widgets folder of an app that was upgraded to v9 from v8.18.

I’m not sure why this needed to be done – I upgraded the various app store modules like NanoflowCommons, NativeMobileResources, and Atlas and then made sure to update the widgets within Studio, but kept running in to a bundling error with @react-native-community/netinfo within the AppEvents widget until I did this manual file replacement.

Hope this helps!