How to include a reference when using Mendix buildpack

Hi, Our application uses the DB replication module and because of that we had to modify the bnd.bnd file to include the following line at the end: Bundle-NativeCode: sqljdbc_auth.dll; osname=win32; processor=x86_64 (see the following forum question: runtime\lib\x64\sqljdbc_auth.dll already loaded in another classloader) For years we were creating our mda packages with the Mendix Modeler itself and the file bnd.bnd being in the Mendix Modeler installation folder, we had to modify it every time we upgraded the Modeler. Now we are building with the Mendix buildpack under Linux and we can see that the specified line is not included anymore in the mda. Previously, the line was added in the mda archive, in the .mda\model\bundles\project.jar\META-INF\ “sub-folder”, in the MANIFEST.MF file. Our question is, what can we do to “convince” the Mendix buildpack to include that line in its manifest? Thank you!
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