Application On premise.

  Good morning, I need some help we developed an application that will run on premise in licensed environments, we have the MDA package sent to the server and via the m2ee tool we unzipped that package which is made available the code for access in the browser, we are using nginx to do pointing to index.html, but pointing to the application, not about the application that was developed, presents this screen that I am attaching. Application you are presenting in the browser.   This is the correct application, when I generate the MDA and send it to the environment, when unzipping the MDA via unpack aplicacao.mda there are some directories and a folder called the web inside it contains an index.html is what I'm calling in NGINX but the The screen it presents is another and not the one of the project we are developing.  
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There’s an M2EE command to set the MxAdmin password. The password will not be ‘1’. Give that command a try and let us know what happens.