Mendix deploye archtecture

Good day, every one. does Mendix support multiple nodes for single app? for example, my app needs two or even more VM in cloud and those nodes are sharing same DB.  even more flexible for example:I want one node/VM to just run backend jobs(Scheduled events), and other nodes/VMs to response user requests. but all those nodes/VMs need to share same DB.  In Azure cloud, it provide flexible configuration for availability, for example it depends on CPU or other factors to decide increase/reduce the VMs. does Mendix cloud provide same or similar options? thank you.
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Mendix cloud doesn’t support auto-scaling last time I checked.


With regard to horizontal scaling, yes, Mendix supports horizontal scaling. See Only the primary node will execute scheduled events. If you run the instances on VMs, you can bind the primary node to a separate URL/endpoint and have another URL for end-users that only forwards user traffic to secondary nodes.