After binding postgresql-db to existing SAP Cloud environment the service is not bound and not visible in Bound Services overview

We want to change our DB from "postgresql" to "postgresql-db" (PostrgreSQL on SAP BTP, Hyperscaler option). So in the Mendix Portal we choose "postgresql-db" from the "Services To Be Bound", configure it, and choose "Connect Services" The result: - The new DB is not visible in het Bound Services overview in the Mendix portal - The new DB is created, but not bound to the application (visible in the SAP Cloud Portal) When I manually bind the new DB in the SAP Cloud Portal and start the app it works, but it is still not visible in the Mendix Cloud portal. When we create a new environment with "postgresql-db" (PostrgreSQL on SAP BTP, Hyperscaler option) it is visible in Bound Services overview, so the issue is only when adding the service to an existing environment. We want to use the existing environment so we don't have to configure a whole new oneā€¦ I already submitted a support ticket, but maybe anyone in this forum who can help us with this?
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Update: This issue has been fixed bij Mendix. Now when you apply the change as described the new DB is visible in the Bound Services overview in the Mendix portal and is is bound to the application.