Limit data in the App and archive old data automatically

Hi, The licensed Mendix app is storing huge data, so the query performance is very slow. So we decided to limit the data in the App to say 1 year. The data before that has be archived automatically by the app. Archive is logically different from backup and I don’t see any topics on archive in Mendix docs. Please suggest  the approach that should be taken to limit the data in the app and automatic archive mechanism.  
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Hello Manasa,


If your app stores more data eventually then you can integrate elastic search. 

Retrieve the data from the elastic search query and render it in the user interface. 

It requires customization to achieve it. 




It would be so nice if Mendix started to support the table partioning possibilities of Postgres. But till then you have to create it yourself by duplicating the entities and moving the object from the source entity to the archive entity. But searching will be complicated because you should look in two different tables.




I created a request for this in the idear forum: So vote if you think this is a good idear.


@ sandeep bhole – were you able to achieve this? How did you do it?